Reasons to use 2park


Find parking via our app. Our nearest parking spot is just a few clicks away.


Open the barrier directly from the app, when you wish to enter or exit the parking lot.


Register your card within the app and pay for parking automatically. Forget about parking meters and fines!


The app is available for free on both Android and iOS platforms.

How it works?

1. Login

Register your phone number and enter the confirmation code sent to you via text.

2. Account Set-Up

To identify the vehicle you want to register, enter your vehicle’s license plate number. Provide billing data, as well as your card details. Note that invoices will be issued in case of paid services only.

3. Find Parking

Use the carousel on the bottom of the screen to find parking spaces near you.

Select the chosen parking place and the desired navigation app. Then, press Start to begin your journey.

4. Park & Pay

Once you’re at the location, press the Open Barrier button and choose the duration of your stay, to gain access into the parking lot. If necessary, you can extend the duration of your stay directly from the app later on.

5. End parking

Exit the parking lot by clicking Close Session in the app. Make sure you’re in front of the barrier when you close your session. Your billing time stops once you leave the parking lot.

6. Payments & Parking History

Check the menu section to see when, where and how much you spent on parking. You can also add other cards, edit your billing info or top up your account with money, for future parking payments.

Download app for drivers from App Store or Google Play.​