Let the parking do the job for you​

No investments. Passive income. Minimum effort.
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Intelligent parking, constant earnings






You already own a car park? Register it on the 2park app and let our team handle the rest. Easily choose the available time slots interval, the pricing and the number of available spots.

Let 2park be your parking’s valet

Optimise the automated access to your parking and control who enters your parking

Receive specialized consultancy

We offer our expertise regarding the recommended price, taking into consideration the traffic, the time slots and other parking lots in the area

Offer VIP parking for your special clients

Cover your client's needs regarding electric car chargers and other special services

How does it work?

You register your parking lot

You register your parking here, we manage the barrier integration with the 2park app and you’re ready to receive cars!

You choose the options for your parking

Choose the pricing, the spots and the schedule. Plus, we offer free services of professional photography for your parking.

How do people reach your parking?

Access to your parking lot, in just a few seconds, with the 2park application.

You receive money in your bank account

Money is transferred into your bank account on a monthly basis without investing time or resources.


Check the parked cars, grant free access or revoke access.


See how much money you earned straight from the app reports.


Stay adapted to market changes: any change, at your disposal, anytime.


Register your parking now!​


Download app for drivers from App Store or Google Play.​