Register your parking for a passive income.

Constantly, no investments, no effort.

How does it work?

Follow some easy steps to make your parking available to thousands of drivers from your city that look for a parking spot.

No matter what type of parking lot you have, 2park offers visibility so that you can be the drivers’ first choice and have a high occupancy.

Receive money monthly by helping the community forget about the parking spaces problem.

Make additional income

You choose how much you want to earn. Your parking can be open to drivers all the time, to maximize your profit. The costs of paying a company that manages your parking are cancelled.

Be in control all the time

Within the app, you can set free parking for your friends, you can verify who is in your parking at the moment or you can revoke access to drivers who have broken your parking’s regulations.

Set the limits of your parking

Stay flexible to changes in your city. Whether you want to change the pricing, the schedule or the number of available spots, 2park allows you to make these settings in seconds.

Establish regulations

We help you create a regulation for your parking that describes your requirements and protects your property, so you can be comfortable with the way your parking is being used.