Terms and conditions

www.2park.io and the 2park application are the exclusive property of Civitronic SRL, with its headquarters in Timișoara, str. Gheorghe Doja 11, Timiș County, CIF: RO14345794, ORC registration number: J35/1445/2001.

By accessing and using the 2park website and application, as well as the materials and information provided through these platforms, you confirm that you unconditionally accept the terms and conditions of this document. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions, please do not use our site or application. We reserve the right to unilaterally amend the provisions of this document, with your notice to that effect.

Also, by accepting the terms and conditions, the user declares that he is of legal age, has read the content of this document, understands it and fully accepts it.


  1. Website: the site www.2park.io;
  2. The 2park application: the mobile software program, downloaded by the user from the AppStore or GooglePlay, that allows users access to the 2park service;
  3. 2park services: services accessible through the 2park.io website and the 2park mobile application, respectively parking payment solutions that offer the possibility to pay the parking fee for one or more vehicles by using your smartphone or other mobile device on which the 2park application was installed;
  4. User: any individual or legal person, who uses our services and creates a user account through the application and who accepts these terms and conditions of use;
  5. User account: it’s the account created by a user through the mobile application that provides access to the 2park services. For the creation of the account, the user guarantees the reality and accuracy of the information provided, as well as the compliance with the terms and conditions of this document;
  6. Owner of the parking place: the individual or legal person who has the right of ownership or use of the space intended for parking through our services and who has also concluded a collaboration contract with us;
  7. Parking fee: the fee charged by the owner of the parking lot, for vehicles parked in the parking lot;
  8. Regulations: the document containing the rules on the operation of the parking place;
  9. Blocking and lifting: the process of immobilizing, boarding and transporting vehicles by the owner of the parking lot or proxies, in case of violation of the regulation provisions.


The services offered through this website and the 2park application include but are not limited to informing users about the existence of free parking spaces, accessing the parking lot, paying the parking fee by card and leaving the parking lot, in accordance with the parking regulations.

Our services do not include negotiating parking fees between the parking owner and the user, or booking parking spaces.

2park offers paid parking services but does not own or manage the parking space. Therefore, we are not responsible in any way for events that may occur as a result of parking the user’s vehicle or for the actions of the owner of the parking lot or third parties.


2park services can be accessed by downloading and installing the 2park mobile application, as well as by creating a user account on the 2park platform. A person can create one or more user accounts.

Access to the parking lot is made exclusively through the 2park mobile application. Users of the mobile application have the right to park in the parking lot, if they have a balance available to pay the parking fee or if they have received free parking from the owner. Leaving the parking lot is done by pressing the “leave parking” option in the application. The user can uninstall the application at any time by accessing the “Uninstall” option. Uninstalling the application causes the client’s account to be deleted. Uninstalling the application during the parking period does not entitle the user to a refund of the fee already paid.


Parking fees are constantly updated and differ depending on the location and the owner of the parking lot. Fees can be consulted by accessing the 2park application. The user agrees that the fees may be changed at any time without notice. The user will be informed about the value of each transaction.


The payment of the fee will be made in EURO, by credit/debit card, directly in the 2park application, after filling in a form with the card details.

The user understands and agrees to release 2park from any liability if the transaction cannot be completed, regardless of whether this is caused by the user providing incomplete/erroneous data, funds unavailable in the bank account associated with the card or for other reasons.


The user understands that the service, the application and the content available through the site www.2park.io and the 2park application including databases, content and graphics, programming codes, trademarks, service marks and logos, including but without being limited to them, all the content in text format, graphics, as well as the technical sources of all present and future services and facilities are the object of copyright, being the property of 2park and its suppliers and are protected according to Law no. 8/1996 on copyright.

The user acquires a limited right to use the 2park service for his personal use in accordance with this document.


The personal data we process are:

  • name, surname;
  • vehicle registration number;
  • location;
  • email, phone number;
  • address.

We do not process financial-banking data. This data is processed only by the processor for the transfer of funds.

We process only the personal data necessary to ensure the operation of the platform and to ensure a service as simple and efficient as possible. The data is processed for legitimate and limited purposes.

The data sent through the application and site is secured to the highest standards and we have taken all measures to protect them, as they are stored on a cloud server located in the EU.

As a customer you have the following rights regarding personal data:

  • be informed about the processing of your personal data;
  • to know the entities that have access to your personal data;
  • to correct inaccurate data and to complete incomplete data, respectively;
  • request the permanent deletion of your data, if the processing was not legal;
  • withdraw your consent for the collection and processing of your data;
  • to submit a complaint to the National Authority for the Supervision of Personal Data Processing (www.dataprotection.ro).

By using the service, our servers record and collect through secure systems certain information sent by the application or the user’s browser, such as the IP address and the location where the application is accessed. Also, certain information about the user can be legally collected, as long as he uses the application, respectively the data mentioned during the registration. The data related to the credit/debit card will be collected exclusively for the purpose of making the payment and will be transmitted through secure systems.

For more information on the processing of personal data, please access our personal data processing policy.


The user is solely responsible for the activity that takes place on his/her account and for the compliance with the applicable legal regulations. Securing your smartphone/device, choosing your respective ID, password, card data as well as keeping them safe is the exclusive responsibility of the user. The user will not be released from liability in the event of damage to 2park or third parties through unauthorized use of the account, including in the case of account use by other persons, nor will he/she be able to request the return of unauthorized credit.

In case of unauthorized use of the account, or theft of mobile equipment, the user will be able to suspend the account by submitting a request to suspend the service.


2park does not assume in any way civil or criminal responsibility for any damages, theft, fires, or for any damages caused by the users, the owner of the parking lot or by third parties, to the vehicles or persons in the parking lot.


The user is advised that the use of mobile phones or other mobile devices while driving is dangerous. 2park advises the user not to use the services when handling a moving vehicle. The user agrees to exonerate 2park for any claim for damages resulting from the use of the service during the handling of any type of vehicle.


In the interest of this contract, any notification/communication addressed by one party to the other will be considered validly fulfilled if it is sent to the latter party in writing.

Unless otherwise stated in this document, the user agrees to receive all communications regarding the performance of this contract by push notifications in his user account.


The user has been informed and accepts that 2park reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time and that the changes will be made known to users through a notification in the user account.

Continued use of the service is a confirmation that the user is familiar with the latest changes.

2park may at any time assign the rights arising from this contract in favor of a third party, without the consent of the user.


In the event of non-compliance with the Terms and Conditions of Use, 2park has the right to suspend or cancel any user account without prior notice. Cancellation of the account following non-compliance with the contractual terms does not entitle the user to a refund of payments made.


The applicable law is the Romanian law, both in terms of execution of the obligations deriving from this document, and in terms of any aspect related to the interpretation, application and/or extent of its effects, without exception.

Any disagreement regarding the execution of the contract will be settled amicably. If such a solution is not possible within 30 days from the initiation of the dialogue, the dispute will be submitted for settlement to the competent courts.